Do you get that I'm projecting much this week?

This has been a really hard week and I'm feeling more pressure than ever to succeed and grab my dreams and pull them into this realm. I need it. I command it. I deeply feel it in my gut as a pure necessity in my life.

But the dark voices of pure self-doubt are calling upon the ogres of negativity and false reality to crush me and bake my bones into bread. I'm wrestling with moments where I feel all my writing is a fraud and dreams are too far-fetched.

But you know what?

I once thought I was destined to be single my whole life.

I once thought I was too irresponsible to be a good dad.

I once thought I was too dumb to attend university.

I once thought my podcast would last a few months at best and never be able to draw an audience.

I once thought that I'd never get a publisher to accept my writing.

I once thought no one was reading or enjoying my work.

I once thought that I was a decent cabin leader but could never run the program of a summer camp.

I once thought that I could never do things around the house in a successful way.

I now have a beautiful, smart and amazing wife.

I now am a damn good dad.

I now can say that I was the top of my class in all my university courses.

I now have co-hosted The Movie Breakdown since 2013.

I now have written for numersous publications and websites.

I now have many emails and comments from people saying they love my writing and look forward to it.

I now can put on my resume that for several years I was a Summer Camp Program Coordinator with a glowing recommendation letter from the Summer Camp Director.

I now often take care of  issues like our phone line or technical problems and I resolve them.

So. . . 

I can publish a bestseller.

I can attract a million readers.

I can attract a million listeners.

I can launch a successful YouTube channel.

I can make a high six figure living off my writing.

I can create writing that matters, enriches, entertains and nourishes.

I can.

And so can you.

What are your dreams that you know you will attain and excel?