8 Things That Made My Day When I Was Kid

One of the strategies to get through the demon-infested 2023 is to focus on the angels and magic moments in my life. Like my kids. Who are amazing and have the superpower to get excited by the small things like a Happy Meal or being able to see a movie. Any time with them reminds me to enjoy the small pleasures. But I once was a kid, and so I need to channel those years where I found great joy in countless activities.

Here are eight things that ensured my day would be near perfect when I was younger.

1. I was allowed to head to the corner store to buy a chocolate bar and a new Archie comic.

2. The latest issue of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe magazine arrived in the mailbox.

3. The TV listings revealed there would be a Saturday Night's Main Event that weekend.

4. I discovered a new secret warp zone in Super Mario Bros.

5. My parents announced we were going to the movie theatre.

6. Playing Star Wars in the backyard with a group of friends.

7. Going to Grandma's house to have a majestic feast.

8. Writing a story and having someone be entertained by it.