We All Need a Little Help Sometimes


You know the lesson that I've been the most stubborn about applying to my life? Asking for help. Or even accepting help. Maybe the biggest positive to come out of 2023 is I'm being forced to apply this truth to my life to get out of my career and emotional rut.

Speaking of a little help, I love this picture of 4-year-old Everett pushing his sister, Danika, around the neighbourhood on her toy bus. I love it because they are both adorable and cute. I also love it, because it is Everett being a helpful big brother to his little sister. 

Joy fills me up when he comes to help out his sister be it reading and math, aiding in a craft, or just being a friend. Even though they have their battle royals and Everett isn't one to express his feelings, they get along really well even here in 2023. 

I adore how they still delve into the world of imagination together, and Evererr is always quick to help out his sister when she needs it. They are a good team.

They are also a reminder that teamwork, collaboration, and help are things that must happen for a successful and happy life.