Unearthing The Garbage: Santa Paws

So Bad It's Good. . .

We all have our guilty pleasures. Those things that you know are awful but you still like. I'm sure there is some manly man out their that blares Celine Deione over his radio when nobody is around. I'm talking about the little things you enjoy but you don't admit to your closest friend because you are opening yourself to public ridicule. That television show that you tape so that you can watch it when nobody is over. The movie you rented because all your friends where out of town. You knew what you were watching was garbage. You knew that you deserved to be teased for it but somehow, you were cursed into loving it. Then again, I think reality television should be a guilty pleasure but somehow it's the most watched trash in the universe. I look forward to the day those shows get transported over to the graveyard shift. Then I can openly point my finger and laugh at all who are silly enough to enjoy it. But I'm really straying off topic. Guilty pleasures can be a fun thing. You'll have a self professed contry music hater yet there is that one song that he sneaks an occasional listen in. Or a macho guy who really like this one girly movie that makes him cry -- of course, he only will watch it with his mom and claim she made him do it. Maybe even a guy who claims to despise all reality television but somehow finds himself drawn to one certian show. Somewhere out there, a guy who buys Cosmopolitian for the articles but swears it's for his sister. Ah yes, the guilty pleasure -- the little dark secret that no one is supposed to find out. It's the kink in the otherwise very strong armour. The little contradiction in the personality. This may come as a complete and total shock but I myself, even have a few guilty pleasures. I didn't mind that Ashlee Simpson song even if she never really sang it. I have to admit that I watched the first 3 seasons of Dawson's Creek despite all it's horrible writing and too smart dialogue. '10 Things I Hate About You' is probably one of my favourite movies even if it'd fall under girly film. I could probably go on for another 20 paragraphs but I've given you all enough ammunition for now. So, this is what happens when one has a week where they are stricken with writer's block. They decide to resort to embarassing themselves. At least, I didn't admit that I've played role playing games before. Oh Crap!


  1. I knew it! you struck me as an ashlee simpson fan....


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