Bye November 2007

I will not miss you. You were mean. Though one could argue my own deep love for procrastination was a major reason this month was such a nasty and brutal beast. But why shift the blame back to me? It is much more fun to pick on a month that can't defend itself. Now if this month was April, I wouldn't be passing any blame its way. Nobody messes with April. She's a tough month. But November, he is a patsy. Though I shouldn't be too hard on him because after all, he has given me lots of birthdays which in turn has given me lots of gifts. I like gifts for those people who have way too much money and looking to blow it somewhere. I always am willing to be a recipient of mass giving. You could consider it a 'I survived my teacher's college applications' present. Anyway, I've got some essays that feel rather neglected due to all this love shown to the applications. Don't worry, I'm here for you, my precious papers.


  1. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Tell your papers I said 'hi'.

  2. I finally finished all my speeches and papers today! Yay! only 2 more class days to go and then...dun dun dun...exam week. However, I am going to try and keep the stress levels low this year.

    I'll be seeing you soon I suppose? Are you coming to Dee and Cam's 2nd christmas the the 27th??? REALLY hope you are..can't wait to see you!


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