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Snow Day!!!

After two years of Brantford not comprehending the concept of winter, it finally decided to grace us with an acceptable dumping. It did not end up being the blizzard that the weather networks were threatening, but it was still enough to throw people off to the point of shutting down half the city. My office job was one of the places that decided to opt for that whole closing up shop plan. This meant I had an unexpected day for writing. It also meant that I had some quality time with a shovel, a driveway and snow.

A day like this is appreciated far more by a being that is furry enough to not be affected by the cold, and has a lot of time for play and being covered in snow (which is basically another form of play). And play, my wonderful readers, is exactly what a certain living thing did.

Oh, and as you can see, Summit joined in with me too.

Hope your snow (or mud or dirt or grass or ice or panda) day was equally wonderful.


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    ScottandAngela Bayley via Facebook:

    So cute Chris!


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