I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

See That Radar, I'm Likely Off It

Not that I've been the blogging king for the last several weeks -- mostly thanks to a life that has decided to parade tons of work along with a rather unwanted sprinkling of family emergencies, along with my own need to actually have a life -- but it's looking like I'll be doing another of those marvelous weekend disappearing acts. I might pop in, but its probably best for us all to just assume I won't (then you can head over here on Monday and moan about how I threw out seven posts while you were off counting stamps and licking sheep). But don't worry about me, because this weekend has potential to be about as awesome as awesome can be. I might even get a new title out of it. I'm pitching for Lord Spicer, but I'm assuming everyone is sort of on nobility overload after today.

Just for the record, no I did not watch the wedding. Though I almost ended up staying up late enough for it due to writing pay copy, but I opted for the going to bed rather than the stay up for several more hours and become useless for all of Friday. I think, it was the right choice because A) I had lots of work to attend to today and B) I really couldn't have possible cared less about it. I told Emily a few days ago that the only reason I'd ever consider watching the wedding was if someone paid me to write about it, but no one from the Royal Family called me, so I went to bed (maybe they phoned the wrong number?) I think, I made the right choice.

I'm sure some of you ended up watching it and I hope you liked it just fine. You know what else I hope is fine? Your weekend. So, you go enjoy yourself some of that, and I'll be back here for you on Monday. Unless my weekend events happen to lead me to write something on here -- but as I said, no point holding your breath on such a nice day.

Yeah, I realize I still haven't posted that promised piece, and I do intend to still put it up here. I want to say you'll see it for Tuesday, but I also want to say I'm a millionaire. So, it isn't like the things I say actually correlate with reality. Maybe don't hold your breath for that either.

But seriously, I'm leaving now. Please turn out the lights before you go. And make sure you get on top of that whole having a great weekend thing. You won't regret it.