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Did you wake up this morning and think, "Oh gosh, I haven't read a good article on affordable housing in a long time." Well, this is your lucky day. Because I am about to offer you exactly what you want.

I recently wrote an article on Bill 140, which is the latest act passed by the Ontario government that is designed to help provide affordable housing for everyone. The intentions of the act are excellent, because it is imperative that everyone has affordable housing (a roof over your head is nicer than dancing penguins). But this noble act also contains a few flaws as well.

So, I look at the positives and negatives of this newest legislation. If you don't know much about Bill 140, then make sure to check out the article and learn something. And if you know everything about it, then still check out my article and see if it fits with your understanding.

So, go read it and leave comments (because websites like that kind of thing). Then go tell all your friends about the article, and then you can talk about affordable housing over dinner.

When you're done reading my article, go check out some of the other amazing content on the site, because it really is one of the best new political news site on the web.

Seriously. Go read my article now.


  1. Anonymous8:32 am

    Tiffany Million via Facebook:

    No offense...great writing and all, but this is a little anti-climactic. This is one of the most wonderful announcements ever????

  2. Anonymous9:40 am

    Scott Martin via Facebook:

    nice summary of a lot of information!

  3. Thanks Scott. Considering there were a few major amendments after each reading, it ended up being a bit of a scavenger hunt trying to sort out what was still relevant. I only briefly touched upon some of the major issues.

  4. Anonymous9:07 am

    Krisztina Klail via Facebook:

    likes this.

  5. Anonymous9:08 am

    Krisztina Klail via Facebook:

    congrats on being published, again!

  6. Thank you! This is my third article for Collective Publishing, and they are a fantastic company to work with.


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