11 Reasons Why Last Night's Parks & Recreation Rocked Off My Socks

I've been watching Parks & Recreation off and on ever since it debuted. I've laughed and enjoyed episodes, but it has always just been something I waste a half hour before The Office comes on. Don't get me wrong, there have been moments of brilliance, but it has always been swimming around number 4 or 5 on my top sitcoms I must watch. For a guy who doesn't have a lot of disposable time, that isn't a good place to be in if you’re a show wanting to be watched. But last night I had some time to check out the newest episode of Parks & Recreation, and it looks like we've got ourselves a show that wants to start pushing up the rankings of not just sitcoms I must watch but anything on TV.

Here are 11 things that made last night's episode awesome. Why 11? Well, why not?

Oh yeah, it is filled with spoilers of a show that has already aired on national television.

1. There is something extremely fitting and perfect to the character of Leslie Knope that not only did she suggest bowling as a campaign awareness strategy but she happens to be awesome at bowling too. I'd love to see the upcoming Presidential elections filled with bowling tournaments rather than high priced gala dinners.

2. In a fundraising phone campaign where the objective is to raise the most money in order to win cinema tickets (which in itself fits perfectly with the small town charm of this show), Andy informs a willing donator that he doesn't think you can give more than a $50.00 donation.

3. Ron puts down Anne's name for the bowling scoreboard as "Girl".

4. Tom bowls with two hands, and is awesome. Much to the cursing dismay of Ron. A classic episode is always one were poor Ron get incredibly frustrated and would I really spend time jotting down 11 things I love if this wasn't a classic (yeah, probably).

5. Ron reveals his favourite restaurant is the snack bat in the bowling alley. It serves hamburgers and hot dogs. And that is it, according to the menu.

6. April actually tries to win the phone pledge drive (and for the first time actually acts cheery) with the sole purpose of crushing Chris' happiness. But then when Chris gets dumped and is sad for the first time in show history, April actually gives him the tickets (and invites him to go to the movies with Andy and herself) to lift his spirits. This scene totally demonstrated the magic of Parks & Recreation as you’re bursting out in laughter over April's awkwardness but also touched by her sweet gesture (a possible first for her on this show). It works because April still kept to her character despite actually being nice.

7. Ben goes totally out of character (but still totally believable at the same time - - confused?) by knocking out a guy who called Leslie a bitch (and also happened to be the guy Leslie spent all night trying to woo into voting for her). It was another awesomely funny but also sweet moment -- or at least, as sweet as punching out a guy can be (he did it to "protect" his girlfriend). A classic scene that reminds everyone not to mess with a nerd's girl (all that pent up rage over Battlestar Galactica's cancellation).

8. Tom telling Ben they both had "hand owies". Of course, Ben got his from knocking a guy out and Tom got his by pinching his hand against a bowling ball.

9. Leslie holding a public apology conference for her boyfriend punching out the guy, but instead declares she isn't apologetic and proud her boyfriend punched out the jerk. In an awesome twist, it causes the voters to appreciate her more since she stood by her kick ass boyfriend (who owns a rocking Batman suit too). It is yet another scene that had me laughing out loud but also did a great job conveying human emotion. I'm rooting for Leslie to get voted in council, but this show isn't necessarily known for things turning out positive.

10. Champion the dog. It is physically impossible to not love a three legged dog.

11. Jerry uncomfortableness around the oblivious Chris and his daughter who has arrived just to break up with Chris. Jerry is easily the most underrated character on this show when it comes to delivering comedy.

I loved this episode and looking forward to what they have in store for sweeps month.


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