Before the Big Game, Come Snack on Some Ear Candy

Work and life has been doing a "chicken running around with its head cut off" impersonation. So, the blog has been a little neglected. I'm telling you just in case you thought I was neglecting the blog so I could belly dance in front of the window to cause the neighbours long term traumatic damage (this of course, wouldn't take up that much time).

I was thinking of putting a Madonna song up here to commemorate the fact she is playing at the halftime show this year. But I decided a halftime of Madonna is more than enough Madonna for one day (or even week). Though speaking of Madonna, I heard on the radio that she is charging $300.00 for tickets for her next concert tour. She apparently realizes this is ridiculously high, but has responded by telling fans they just need to save up their money. Because we all should be saving up our cash so we can go see a 50 year old woman strut around like she is 20. I also think that if Madonna is promising a "can't miss event" rather than just a concert then she'll get many fans lining up to drop down their hard earned cash. The lady has accumulated a legion of followers over several decades and I don't think she tours too much anymore, so it is probably one of those tickets that will move no matter the cost attached. Though I think it reeks a little of "desperately trying recoup losses that may have been suffered by illegal downloads." But I'm just cynical like that.

I promised you ear candy, and I didn't want to do Madonna. I'm going to offer you up some Florence and the Machines' "Shake It Out", because this song has lodged itself in my head and I don't really mind it being there. It is one of those type of songs that I didn't think much of originally, but it slowly grew on me and I'm now completely infected.

So, sit down and listen to some not Madonna. Then when you're done this, you can go grab some last minute snacks before you watch the big game (or if you're in the States and haven't scoured YouTube all week yet, watch yourself commercials).