Revisiting a Boy & His Dog

Because apparently, the public demands to see a baby next to a large dog as much as possible.

And how does Everett feel about his friend, Summit?


  1. Candice9:55 pm

    One of the cutest/most handsome babies ever.

  2. Molly9:56 pm

    Love seeing you two as parents! Everett is so adorable!

  3. Thanks guys. I think he is pretty handsome, adorable, and cute as well.

  4. He's getting so big. Especially love the pic with Summit looking back at Everett...I'm thinking it's been too long since the last cuddle... :)

  5. I'm blown away when I look at pictures from a month ago and I realize how "small" he was then. I'm definitely learning why people kept telling me to "treasure these moment because they grow up so fast."


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