I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

Seriously, Home Births Aren't a One Way Ticket to Disaster Town

I spent several columns recounting our birth story, because I thought that it would not only be entertaining but also allow others to know that not all pregnancies are "normal." I also realize that my little story could have had an unintended negative effect. There is a chance it caused a few people to decide that home births could usher in the apocalypse. I admit that our home birth attempt may have been a little too wacky and wild for my own comfort level, but the whole experience did end with the happy ending in the form of a healthy baby boy. Despite everything that happened, I still think home births are a great option, and more specifically, I think midwives are an amazing option, In today's "Dad's Eye View" column, I try to wipe away any fears that I may have stirred up and explain why I think you should still consider midwives and home births.