Shatner Sings for the Common People

Call me crazy (and at some point you may already have done that) but I really dig the William Shatner & Ben Folds collaborative cover of Pulp's "Common People." I am not going to say it is a better song (though I think it is), but I do think it captures the feel and emotion of the message much better.

You can just feel the sarcasm and disdain for the rich tourists dripping off Shatner's lips. It is just an angry and more volatile feeling song than the original. Based off the lyrics, that is how it should have always felt. Plus Ben Folds and Shatner actually mesh well together and make the whole song capture the emotion while also being a pretty catchy tune.

Of course, I might just be crazy.

I've got a small little mountain of pay copy and client work to attend to along with some other necessary tasks, so this might be all you get from me today. But if it is, I hope you have yourself the most splendid of Tuesdays.