Hey Everybody, Collective Publishing Has a New Pop Culture Writer

And it's me. But you probably guessed that already. As you know, I've written several political articles and sold a few blogs to the very fine site known as Collective Publishing. So, now I'm excited to announce I'll be the new pop culture writer for the site. Every week you get to check out my opinion and insight on all things movies, TV and music. I've got some pretty cool ideas for the weekly column, but you'll just have to check in every week to find out what they are.

As for this week, I'm defending a show that I've never seen, and don't necessarily even care if you watch it. I'm not asking for support. But I do think the recent controversy about this show has been fifty kinds of silly. So, hop on to Collective Publishing, and check out my thoughts on GCB. Then let me know your own thoughts over in the comment section on the site.