I Survived Night One

Actually, "survived" is not the right word.

Survived implies that things may have been grueling or that my life was at risk.  Things were the exact opposite of life threatening and grueling.  There we actually ridiculously easy.

It seems that during that secret chat between mommy and son, Emily must have told Everett that "daddy is completely useless in the middle of the night, and so it is in your best interested to take it easy on daddy past 10 until early morning."  Everett then took this to mean sleep from 9:00pm to 5:30am.  Which means, Everett slept through the night for the very first time in his life.  He decided to do this while I am pretending to be a single parent.

Have I ever mention how amazing my son is?

My wife actually predicted that he may actually be able to sleep through the night while she was gone.  Everett sleeps right beside Emily, and she believes he can smell her.  Or at least, smell his milk.  He may be waking up throughout the night to get a snack.  Since he didn't smell any snacks during the night, he decided to just get some sleep instead.  It seems like a strong theory, because he did just sleep for the longest period in his entire life. 

This wouldn't be the first time that he acted differently because he senses his dinner is near.  There has been times where I could tell Everett was getting hungry but still being patient, but once Emily enters the room, he'd burst into tears.  "Why are you home but not providing me dinner?"

Speaking of Everett's dinner, this appears to be the only possible complication we may run into during this five day experiment.  We have six jars of breast milk, and Everett already has vanquished over a jar and a half.  We do have formula as back up, because we always knew the breast milk was likely not going to be enough.  I tried the first bottle of formula this morning, and he was a little less than impressed.  He sort of gave me a face that screamed, "What is this toxic waste you're trying to pretend is my milk?"  He ate it.  It took a lot longer, and he stopped for many breaks.  Breaks that consisted of him complaining and spitting out the formula.  He obviously had enough food that he was satisfied with going back to bed, though.

I've now passed the 24 hour mark of single parenthood.  I am still alive.  This was about the best case scenario, so I'm pretty pumped about that.

Anyway, since he is asleep, I should use this time to do some pay copy.  Just in case I need to buy more formula.


  1. Mbjasmer11:15 am

    Way to make it 24 hours! I get so envious when my kids sleep so great for daddy. It's like they think Mommy wants to be woken up several times a night, "just cuz". My 8 month old still doesn't sleep through the night because of me, I'm pretty sure. Once a night she has to wake me up. Clever girl.

  2. We now know Everett can sleep through the night, but is obviously choosing to awake because he has easy access to delicious milk. He must know I can't provide the same prompt midnight snacking.


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