Dear George Lucas, Please Pay Attention to Your Buddy. . .

The Blu-ray edition of ET is going to be released this October, which is several gallons of awesome for those who have fond memories of this classic film.  The important thing is the quote by Steven Spielberg that can be found in this article.  It appears that Steven did a little bit of meddling when he released the 20th Anniversary Edition in theatres 10 years ago.  He had felt guilty about putting guns in the family film, and so he had then CGIed them into walkie talkies.  He has recently realized he was messing with a film that millions of people cherished from their childhood, and so he has decided to revert the film back to the form we remember as kids (unless of course your first memory was watching the 20th Anniversary Edition). 

I wonder if George ever talked about this with Spielberg.  George Lucas is probably the most notorious film meddler of all time.  His most famous alteration is making Greedo shoot first, but that is far from his only alteration to the beloved original trilogy.  And I realize it is his films and he is allowed to do whatever he wants with them.  It was rather cool to read that his friend realizing that people have fond memories of his film from their childhood, and that they prefer those memories to remain intact rather than be tampered with.  ET was a classic without any additions, and Star Wars claimed countless of fans even when Han Solo was the sole shooter.  There really isn't any reason to change these films, except that a director gets bored and can't stop messing around with CGI.

It would be marvelous if George Lucas decided to release an unaltered version of the original trilogy on Blu-ray.  I'd squeal with delight, and promise to never say another bad thing about Lucas ever again.  Not that I've really beat on him too badly when you compare the abuse other diehard fans have unleashed.

But come on Mr. Lucas, please listen to your buddy.  He gets it.  He realizes that people don't like having their childhood messed with.  It is nice to be able to see the original films as you remember them as a child.  Please follow your friend's footsteps.  I totally promise to invite you to my next birthday party if you do.