Holding on to Hope and Love

I spent a long time watching my son on Friday.  Part of that was due to the fact this is what a good parent does.  But on this day, I really watched Everett.  I observed his movements and his play.  I saw how much he loved to explore the room.  I enjoyed watching his look of wonder as he discovered the bright Christmas tree or even something as simple as a lid.

When he plays, he will occasionally look at up at me with a gigantic smile.  His smile says, "Isn't this lid the coolest thing ever?"  "Isn't it really fun how the door stopper makes a funny noise when I pull on it?"  "I'm whacking this bin because it makes you laugh.  I'm so funny, right daddy?"

His smile transports me into the clouds and causes me to soar.  It gives me indescribable power.  It gives me unlimited joy.  I'm filled with hope.

My son loves life.  He thinks the world is magical.  He learns something every day.  He constantly uncovers a new favourite thing.  His world is one of wonder and magnificence.  To him, it also is safe.

It reminds me how much I want to protect my son.  I always want to keep this world safe for him.  I want to keep him away from harm.  I want to fight away any possibilities for evil.

When I look at my son, I notice a boy who believes the world is a fun and good place.  Life is awesome for Everett.  I also realize that he is right.  Life is good.  We do live in a magnificent time.  Watching my son reminds me how important it is to embrace the good and soak in every moment.  He fills me with joy and reminds me the importance of play.

The world isn't perfect.  There is evil.  There are real life monsters out there -- people who can harm my son.  I'm not oblivious to any of this.  But my son also reminds me that there is still more hope and goodness.

Friday was a cannon ball to the gut.  It was the hardest I've even been hit by an event that didn't directly involve me.  I was heartbroken.  I was sick.  I was sad.  I was even a little scared.  My energy was drained from me.  I didn't want to write.  I didn't want to do much.

So, I watched my son.  My spirits were lifted.  His love and excitement filled me.  I realized this world can be an amazing place.  It needs to be an amazing place.  I want my son's hope and love to continue.  I want his wonder and amazement to stick.  I want him to continue to love this world.

There is going to be a lot of talk about gun control and mental health over the next several weeks.  The politics have already begun.  I believe there does need to be changes.  The event in Newton was a horrible tragedy, and one that must not be repeated.  Hopefully, this event will cause opposition to unite to make a positive change.

But I can talk about politics another day or leave it to the many already getting their voice heard.

Right now, I'm holding on to hope and love.  I am being reminded there is a lot of good.  Hope can still be our future.  I can still find much love in this world.

I know it is true, because my son tells me it every time he smiles.  His laugh is a great treasure; it is authentic and sincere.  He is in complete love with his life.

There is still a lot left to love.

I love you, Everett.  Thank you for reminding me to hold on to hope and love.