Hey Climbers. Spread the Word About the Coming of the Crag Climbing Gym

I'm not the only entrepreneur in the family.

My gorgeous wife, Emily, has been working on opening a climbing gym for the past three years.  Because I still haven't landed the million dollar client yet, it has taken a significant amount of work to raise the funds for the gym.  But it will come.  It will come much more quickly if it is clear there are climbers eager to support it.

The Crag Climbing Gym will also be the first universally accessible gym in Ontario.  This means that not only will it be a great source of recreation for Brantford and the surrounding area, but it will be a place of fun for absolutely everyone.  Brantford really needs fun places that promote health for our youth, but such a venue is really great for the entire province.

If a place like this excites you, then please check out the Crag's Facebook site.  If this is a place you want to have around, then please give it a "like."  It can happen with the right support, and it will be a huge benefit for the city and province.