My Goals for 2013

When a new year barges through the door, there are two things writers like to do.  The first is to offer up predictions for the coming year, which I happen to have already done.  The second is lay out the goals for the year.  Shock of all shocks, I am going to do that too.

Now, long time readers with a keen memory may recognize some of these goals are replicas of last year.  Yes, I may not have hit all my goals in 2012.  But 2013 is the years I achieve everything I set out to accomplish.  Or at least, it is the year I am super serious about fulfilling them in the first few months, and then hope everyone forgets I made the goals for the remainder.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Here are the goals I'm aiming to achieve in 2013.

1.  Create and publish more personal projects that aren't associated with any of my clients.  I've got several endeavours I'm pretty excited about, and a few that are very close to be ready for public consumption.  These type of things recharge me and reinvigorate me, so I hope to be able to do more but also have the courage to unleash them on the public.

2.  Speaking of personal projects that aren't directly tied to clients, I also hope to write more original content on the blog this year and hopefully, that will lead to an increase in traffic.  My blog has been growing every year, and I'd love for 2013 to achieve my highest traffic count.  This would be especially cool since some sites are trying to claim blogs are dead.

3.  Spend more time with my family.  Emily is returning to work from maternity leave, and will be part time this year.  I will assuredly be spending some quality time with Everett.  Actually time spent with Everett has never been too much of an issue.  I do allow my writing work to push away my time spent with Emily.  I aim to create much more quality time with my wife, but also have more time devoted to do fun things with my beautiful little family (which includes our eternal puppy, Summit).

4.  Land a contract for a non-fiction book.  I came crazy close to this being one of the super secret projects that I was going to announce back in 2012.  It fell through, which would be the main reason I didn't announce it.  I hope to get the opportunity to write a book for a publisher this year.

5.  Write more fiction.  This was a 2012 goal too.  But 2013 is the year I accomplish all goals.  Remember?  Essentially, this is going to come down to being a time allotting issues as I need to balance my guaranteed paid work with work that I hope to one day sell.  The problem has never been coming up with ideas, but rather finding the time in-between all my other writing.  I have several short stories and novels that I dream of actually existing and being able to sell to someone.

6.  Be more social.  I once claimed to be an extrovert.  Now, I have a career where I hide away in my home office all day (and night).  This is the year where I hope to either join a club or get more involved with my community.  Maybe forming more relationships will stop my slide into Captain Cranky Pants.

7.  Be honest, but avoid being an ass.  I have a habit of totally disagreeing or being annoyed with something a person says, but then bottling it up without voicing my side.  It then just brews inside of me, and my wonderful wife usually gets the brunt of my uncorking.  It really isn't the best plan for a healthy relationship or life.  I'm hoping this year to actually be more willing to voice my arguments and let people know how I really feel.  But I also want to use those diplomacy skills, and actually still keep a genial relationship with those I may disagree with.

8.  Get articles published in well-read and well-respected magazines.  I'd like to gain some exposure, but also make money to pay the mortgage.  I enjoy my current clients, but I want 2013 to be the year I make the next big step in my career.  For me, this may be the year that gives me a much better idea of what type of future I have in this industry.
9.  Lose some weight and get healthier.  I love this idea in theory.  It is just a matter of actually implementing it, which is far less appealing.

10.  Actually accomplish some goals.  It would be nice to not write the exact same things next year.


  1. rockclimbordie1:56 pm

    So proud of you Chris--seriously--I am always amazed by how passionately you pursue life, and am super excited for you as you are doing what you want to do! How awesome is that?!? You and your family seem to be truly heading towards your goals, while remembering while you're family in the first place. You inspire me friend. I'm going to try and blog more this year too, and....well maybe I should just blog the rest :). ps--Everette is so darn cute! I can't believe I'll have a toddler within the year as well--scary awesome

  2. Thank you, Leigh, those were really kind words. I'm glad my rather self centred act of listing my own goals did have value for a reader. And yes, it is awesome to be pursuing a writing career, and I need to remember that during my more insecure and self pitying moments. I am hoping 2013 will be a rocking one for both my career and my lovely family. And Fiona is incredibly cute, and hope to meet her one day.


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