My Top 5 2012 Collective Publishing Articles

I already posted the top blog posts of 2012.  I've written in other places than just the International House of Spicer.  One of those places is the small but entertaining Collective Publishing Company.  I love writing for the site.  I really hope that 2013 can be the year it grows a larger audience.  I've also written some articles over there that I am especially proud of.  Since I try to promote Collective Publishing when I can and I am an unabashed spotlight hog, I thought I'd list five of my favourite articles from 2012 that I wrote for Collective Publishing.

Why John Carter was a Box Office Bomb:  How can one of my least read articles be in a Top 5 list?  Well, because I liked this article and I am making the list.  John Carter was one of the highest budget films of all time yet it will mainly be remembered as a massive flop.  It didn't have to be that way, because by most accounts it was a fun sci-fi film, even if the cost to create was excessive.  I think the points I made in this article were important, and something a future film producer should pay attention to based off the current direction of cinema.  Because you know, so many higher powered film industry people cling to every word I write.

The Worst Fictional Places to Live:  An important article for all those people thinking about moving.  You really don't want to be eaten by a dragon on your first day in your new home, do you?

Why Devout Fans are Killing Leaf's Chances for Success:  The hockey season is back, and fans are rushing to get their jerseys out of storage.  This also means the Leaf fans are back for another season of holding on to the hope they ever have a chance of seeing a championship in their lifetime.  From the comments I've read and looking at the last year of Leaf moves, I'd say this article is still very relevant. 

A PG-13 Rant Against the Demise of R-Rated Action Films:  Will we ever see another Commando or Rambo: First Blood Part 2?  I am not talking about remakes or sequels, but rather films that are gloriously violent and completely intended just for adults. For my son's sake, I really hope so.  He deserves the right to tip toe downstairs when it is past his bed time and try to sneak a peek of a guy being blown to bits.  It is his rite of passage.

The Decline of the Modern Horror Film:  We Need the Scary Back in Scary Movies:  The fall was my time to write letters to the film industry that they'd never read.  But it at least gave me a chance to sort out exactly the things that currently annoy me about Hollywood.  On the plus side, there have been a few horror films recently released that don't involve stumbling upon an abandoned video camera.  Maybe this article did make a difference?  Yeah, I believe that.