"The Breakdown of the Gangster Squad" Podcast

As you now know, my good friend Scott and I have entered into the podcast business.  We've currently offered two podcasts on Django Unchained and one on the Hobbit.  Since they were so much fun for us to do, we decided to do another on a film I'd been anticipating since last summer, Gangster Squad.

We did this podcast slightly different than the previous.  This time we looked at the trailer, critical reception and fan response before seeing the movie.  It also allowed us to throw out some predictions on what to expect.  After seeing the film, we analyze how effective the different marketing aspects were on conveying the actual film, and then we discussed how close our predictions were along with our other thoughts on the film.

"The Breakdown of the Gangster Squad" podcast was a lot of fun to do, and I hope you, my lovely readers, enjoy it.