Top International House of Spicer Blog Posts of 2012

2012 had a good run, but 2013 is ready to shine now.  This past year had some really amazing things and some quite a bit less than amazing.  It was a year that for the most part I'll think about fondly.  But I don't think 2012 was my best blogging year, because I had a few new things occupying my time like new columns and an adorable baby.  But if the blog is going to suffer a tad then I'm glad it is these things that are responsible.  Actually, the baby played a good part in me landing one of my columns, since I doubt a parenting magazine would be interested in a childless man writing a dad column (though this blog dispensed writing advice before I was even published so. . .).

Anyway, you had a decent amount of stuff to read from me that was outside of this blog.  But this blog still did its best to offer up the goodness.  Here are what I feel were the very best blog posts of 2012.

What I've Noticed Walking Summit at Night - A perfect example of the kind of stuff I write when I didn't even approach the adequate level of sleep the night before.

Oops!  Sorry, Your Marriage Was Just Pretend - I wrote far less political pieces this year, but that was also due to having much less time to be properly engaged.  I hope to correct that this year, but this post proves I had a few rants in me.

Debunking a Crazy Internet Meme - One of my most popular pieces ever.  I also think I should automatically link to it every time someone posts a "fact" on Facebook.

"I Want to Punch You in the Nose Because You Pulled My Hair in Grade 2":  My Attempt at Figuring Out Why I Can't Stop Being an Ass to Some People  - One of my most honest pieces, which also happens to make me seem a bit like a crusty curmudgeon.  I don't think I want to explore what that says about me.

12 Ratings Grabbing Ideas for Survivor -One of my posts that I actually made money off this year, and also revealed that all things Survivor seem very popular on my blog.

Sears Works Hard to Convince Me to Never Buy Another Major Appliance in Brantford - Here is hoping I can break the streak of yearly angry appliance store rants in 2013.

If You're Going to Whistle Then Please Jam this Screwdriver into My Ear Instead - Several months later, my violent opposition to whistling has calmed some.  I still get a kick out of this article.

RIP Crosby: My Lap Will Never Be The Same - Over a half year later and it still doesn't feel right writing without Crosby curled up on my lap.  I miss you so much, buddy.

Not to Jinx Myself, But It Looked Like I Survived - This was my self congratulation over being able to be a single parent for 5 days.  It was also my acknowledgement that single parents are incredible people.

Remembering Ray Bradbury - The man was a true magician of words and one of the greatest influences on me as a writer.  I hope to be an ounce as successful as he was, and to always remember to tap into that inner child.

Hey Spam Bots and Marketers, You're Failing at Blog Comments - It is a fun post poking fun at the most idiotic form of internet marketing, but I also get a giggle over the fact how much traffic came from people looking for an in depth history the legendary canned pork-like substance.

My Letter to Katie Holmes to Let Her Know She is Too Late - In a huge shocker, Katie never took me up on my Suri and Everett play date offer.

Scruffy: 1996 - 2012 - Another great pet that provided many marvelous memories.

One Family's Adventure at the CNE - This was one of those posts designed to appeal to the 10 people who care about my personal life and the several hundred that just come here for cute Everett pictures.

21 Reasons Why Being Single is More Awesome Than a Relationship - This was another huge traffic getter that was oddly more popular with married folks than the singles. I guess, that is what happens when the article is written by a married guy.

10 Helpful Tips for Telemarketers and Door to Door Salespeople to Avoid Making Me Want to Stick a Hot Poker Up Your Ass - It is slightly disturbing how many cranky rant articles are considered my best. I mind as well buy my "Stay Off the Lawn" sign now.

The 10 Great Things About Freelance Writing and 10 Awful Things About Freelance Writing - One of my favourite writing pieces this year, and it has some good pointers for the aspiring writer to take heed.

Mickey Mouse Now Has the Force: Disney Buys LucasFilm - A few months later, I am still geeking out over this news. I am sure I'll be writing about it a few times this year as the announcements start getting made.

Finding Creativity - One of my personal favourites, and I hope to write a lot more about the process of creative writing this year.

The 2012 Box Office Bombs and My Snarky Thoughts - I plan on making this my traditional end of the year post.  As my film critic career grows, I'm sure I'll end up seeing more and more of the bombs.