Welcome to Academy Awards Week

The 85th Academy Awards are this weekend, and it is always a fun time for film buffs.  Sure, they usually like to complain and whine over the winner, and declare how a bunch of classic film got ignored.  But that is part of the joy of being a film lover, I guess.  This year around, there are actually a lot of deserving nominees.  I've got several thoughts on them, which I plan to share throughout the week as we countdown to Sunday.

The blog will be providing articles that celebrate cinema, look at the history of the awards, and analyze different aspects of film.  I've also got a four part podcast lined up where Scott and I analyze all the major categories and offer up our predictions.  They're really fun shows, and will deliver some insight that other sites have ignored.

Then on Academy Awards night, I'm going to try something different.  I'll be live blogging on this site while the Academy Awards are taking place.  I'll be recapping all the major happenings, but also deliver my usual brand of wit and snark.  It'll be like you're just sitting on the couch with me, except I won't be eating all your chips when you leave the room.  It should be a lot of fun, and I hope you join me.

It should be a fun week celebrating the biggest and most prestigious awards show of them all, and also a great time enjoying one of the most magnificent forms of storytelling, motion pictures.