A Notice That This Week's Podcast May Be Delayed and a Blog Status Report

As I alerted you on Friday, I got hit with a rather nasty little bug.  Since you haven't heard from me since, I'm sure you properly guessed it played havoc on me through the weekend.  On Saturday, I opted to stay in bed rather than review Oblivion.  The problem is that the plan was to record the Breakdown of Oblivion podcast Sunday morning.  It wouldn't be much of a show if one of the hosts had not even seen the picture yet.

I plan to remedy that by watching Oblivion this afternoon.  This means a later recording, and possibly a later posting of the podcast.  It likely won't be up first thing Monday morning like usual, but hopefully, it will still make an appearance on Monday.

Now that I have your attention, I also wanted to mention that I'm aiming to focus a lot more energy on the blog going forward.  I admit 2013 for the blog has largely been "throw up links to my other work" posts or just podcasts.  I'm hoping to make the blog a much more varied and entertaining place with original content again.  As I organize my work schedule and start spending more time working with higher paying clients, this will optimistically lead to more time to put up engaging and original articles on here.

I haven't written much on politics, my day-to-day life, crazy musing, social issues, or whatever other random things that have popped into my head and once were the major content output on here in the past.  It is obvious this is the type of stuff you guys want.  Since I stopped writing original content on here, the blog numbers have dropped a significant amount.  It is my goal to gain back those readers and make this a fun place again.

Anyway, that is the status of things for the blog.  How has your weekend been?