Spoiler Room of Evil Dead: Let the Slaughtering Continue

Scott and I already offered up the Breakdown of Evil Dead.  You may remember that I was a few miles away from loving it, while poor Scott was smitten by the bloody ending.  We still have a lot to discuss about the film, but this time it is no-holds-barred.  We have no problem spoiling the ending, and talking in-depth about several scenes.  Being a week removed hasn't softened me on the film, and if anything, we've grown a bit darker.  Evil Dead hid its lack of substance with blood and gore, and so we pay tribute by going a bit more NSFW than usual.  Sometimes the rage is just too much.

We don't just keep heaping bile towards Fede Alvarez's debut film.  We also get distracted by discussing the weekend's box office and reminiscing about our favorite pastry snacks.  Because that is what an overrated horror picture can do to two film buffs.

Hope you have fun with our latest podcast, and as always, we'd love your feedback.