The New Films May Getaway from the Hassles of Making Money at the Box Office this Weekend

We live in a world where a concert film about a British boy band has the best chance of scoring big at the box office this weekend.  We also live in a world where the director of Dungeons and Dragons is still allowed to make movies.  Scott talks more about these things that are very much real.  Life is crazier than fiction.


If you are used to popping by and checking out the pre-weekend rundown of the new release movies, you may have noticed that for the past few weeks I have brought up the fact that there are a lot of movies each week in wide release.  This was a huge factor last weekend as none of the debuting films were able to land in first or second spot, and that was with two movies that had some good critical support behind them.  This weekend may be even more grim for the lot of newcomers as there is very little buzz or critical appeal behind some of the offerings.  Perhaps there will be a diamond in the rough that will remind us that there are sleeper films out there.

The new release with the best chances of success this weekend is One Direction: This is Us, a concert film about the British boy band, One Direction.  For folks like me, this may be the first time hearing that there is a band that goes by such a name, but that’s alright.  The film is not intended to reach out and grab eyes of people on the outside of this world, but rather provide something for the fans of the band (according to the interweb, there are a number of fans out there).  It has a modest budget of $10 million so it is well within its grasp to make that money back, especially since Katy Perry proved last year that a concert film can draw an audience.  The director is Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me), and documentaries are kind of his thing, but don’t expect fans of his to buy tickets for This is Us based solely off of his participation.

One Direction: This is Us Opening Weekend Prediction - $18 million

Next up is Getaway starring Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez, and Jon Voight.  Perhaps that cast sounds intriguing.  Perhaps it is… perhaps it is.  Sadly, we are left to never know its true potential as the captain of this ship is director Courtney Solomon who directed Dungeons and Dragons back in 2000.  Not many people have seen it, but I sure have, and what I witnessed was scene after scene of blatant highway robbery of the Star Wars franchise and the Indiana Jones franchise.  For b-movie standards it was a lot of fun, but it was one of the worst train wrecks to be witnessed in theatre (yep, I actually saw it in theatre) and there was a complete lack of any redeeming qualities.  I would like to hope that he has become more skilled and refined at his craft, but the fact that Getaway is currently sitting at an unbelievable 0% on Rotten Tomatoes has me fearing this is not the case.  Hawke, who had started the summer off well with Before Midnight and The Purge will rebound for sure, as he is a very talented actor.  He just may need to lay low for a bit until people forget about Getaway, which should be as early as next weekend.

Getaway Opening Weekend Prediction – $4 million

Closed Circuit is a crime-thriller starring Eric Bana that opens in 862 theatres in North America.  There are times when a movie can still do well with lower numbers of theatres, but I do not think this will be an example of that.  If you have seen the trailer, you may have got the vibe of a movie that is better suited as a straight to video release.  It opened on Wednesday to $248,000, which equalled $289 per theatre.  Bana, who gained fame when he played Bruce Banner in Hulk in 2003, usually sees fairly decent returns opening weekend, though I do not believe his name alone will be enough of a draw to see substantial ticket sales.  I think this movie may simply suffer from not having enough to catch the eyes of the public during a lull in the theatres after all the explosions of Hollywood have passed.

Closed Circuit Five Day Opening Weekend Prediction - $1.5 million