10 Observations from My Morning Walk with Summit

Apparently, it is important to have an introduction paragraph before jumping into a top ten list, so here you go.

1.  The outside seems to not have been notified that I'd still like to wear my shorts right now.

2.  There appears to be a law that I've been oblivious to that states it is optional before 6 am to check for pedestrians walking past your driveway before you back out onto the road.

3.  Early in the morning, residents in the neighbourhood like to re-enact scenes from Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window.  The bags being dragged to the backyard must be props, right?

4.  Squirrels are kind of stupid.

5.  A quiet street before the sun comes up can never be lit enough after you've just seen a movie about nasty beings wanting to drag dog walkers into the sewer.

6.  I realized how great a guard dog that Summit can be when he tried to bolt after hearing a snapping twig.

7.  An early morning walk is an amazing time to get the mind racing and coming up with countless story ideas, and it is also a great time to remember that I should really listen to my wife about bringing a voice recorder with me.

8.  City bylaws about noise restrictions don't matter when Amanda Marshall is on the radio. Everyone must know her money is riding on this dark horse, baby.

9.  Sometimes it is very important to get up really early so you can sit in your car.  I assume after an hour it is turned off and you just go back to bed.

10.  The secretive teenagers hanging out in the dark park must be planning community service events and contemplating ways to help the poor, because clearly, them being there is for the greater good.

Yep, this is my neighbourhood.