It's the Academy Awards Again, So Time to Live Blog This Sucker

Last year, I decided that I'd commemorate the biggest and longest movie awards show of the year by live blogging it. It ended up being one of the highest viewed pieces on the site, and it also turned out to be pretty fun. I've just decided this minute that I'll do it again this year. In order to avoid just writing to an audience of one, I thought I'd hype it up a bit the week before.

If you plan to watch the Academy Awards or even don't plan to watch them, but really think this Sunday evening would be a happier place with my snarky comments than hop on here at 8:30.

A few things about how I do the live blog. First of all, I couldn't possibly care less about what people wear or any of the fashion. Unless someone comes in a dress of live peacocks than I'll likely not give outfits a single mention. If I am mentioning the wardrobes than it has become one awfully dull show.

The other major thing is that I'm not really planning to cover it in a conventional sense. In that my goal isn't to just recount what is happening or list all the winners. There will be countless sites to do that just fine. Instead it will likely be more like a commentary where I throw in any thought that come to me and respond to what is happening at the event. It will likely work better as a companion piece while you watch the awards yourself.

Hopefully, it is entertaining enough that if you just want to ignore the awards but chill on this blog that turns out to be a feasible option too. No matter what you choose, I will be watching the awards. I will be bringing the snark to the blog. Live!