Reminder I'm Live-Blogging the Oscars Tonight

I did it last year and it was both fun and a great eyeball magnet. It makes sense to do again, and keeps me entertained while sitting through the stuffy and self-important affair.

Just a reminder that I couldn't care less what beautiful little number Cate Blanchett or Jennifer Lopez decides to adorn themselves with tonight. I don't plan to cover any of the red carpet proceeding or really comment on any wardrobes unless someone takes my advice and wears a glorious dress made out of live peacocks (my pick is Quentin Tarantino).

I'm also not aiming to do traditional coverage as in rattling off all the winners or doing any kind of play-by-play. Anyone who has read my other TV recaps get a good idea that pure regurgitation just isn't my thing.

Instead, I'll be offering up more of a commentary and a rattling off of thoughts that jump into my mind. Maybe even try to throw in some trivia and history when it fits or when I am really bored. My goal is to be that guy on the couch that won't shut up, except this time you have to read the ramblings and you came here by choice. I intend to be snarky and silly and sometimes neither of those too.

I see it as more of a supplementary piece to go along with your own watching of the Awards. Of course, if you don't want to watch the awards then by all means, still stick around for my meandering and spoutings. It should be fun. Or I hope it is.

See you tonight at 8:30.