The Plan for the Blog This Week

I'm still not planning to be active on here until Tuesday. I thought I'd chime in with a few things I hope to accomplish on the blog this week.

My aim going forward is to as much as possible have new content posted at 5:30am, 11:30am, and 4:30pm every weekday, and then one thing posted first thing in the morning on the two weekend days. The key word being "aim" and it will likely not ever be that consistent or frequent.

The main reason for wanting to do this has to do with my goal of eventually launching a movie news/review site by the end of the year. I want to get in the habit of needing to post at least three things a day as well as managing the usual looking after Everett and accomplishing the copy that I actually get paid for.

Most social media experts agree that the most successful sites post something during those three periods in the day. The hope is that will grow an audience here and have a core for me to promote the eventual movie site.

I also want this particular site to be more than just movies. Especially since it would turn out to be pretty useless after the transition period. My goal is to continue to make this a place where I track my writing career, offer up advice, share my parenting adventures, try various different types of columns, and generally, just discuss whatever pops in my head. Hopefully, the goal of posting three things a day allows me to provide a variety of content and have something for my range of readers.

I do have to warn that the pop culture aspect is likely to increase over the next bit as I try to prepare for the eventual site launch. I actually have several non-movie stories and articles lined up for the next few weeks so it won't be a complete movie take over.

Speaking of a movie take over, the other major goal this week is posting several long overdue movie reviews. I ghost wrote several movie reviews from the 2014 releases, and haven't got around to creating them under my name. For posterity sake and to have a collection I can show to a few critic societies, I'm going to write-up and post all the pictures from 2014 I've seen so far.

The problem is a few of these are picture I saw a while ago. My memory is a little shady on them. I'm going to try to do my best, and it is more just to have them in the collection at this point. Hopefully, going forward I'll have all reviews for 2014 pictures written within 24 hours of watching them (they won't all be on this site, as I still hope to sell some to Collective Publishing or other fine sites).

You can expect Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, About Last Night, The LEGO Movie, Pompeii, 300: Rise of an Empire, and Mr. Peabody and Sherman all posted on the blog this week. That gives you something to either look forward to or know to avoid.

Anyway, you can now return back to your regularly scheduled programming. I'll see you on Tuesday.