The Movie Breakdown Podcast Ep 74: Remakes, Everett, Sundance, Oh My!

It is Dumpuary time in the cinemas, and when you're not in a large city, you often get denied the current Oscar fare making the rounds as well. Instead of talking new releases, Scott and I talk about some of the major news like Amazon breaking into the film distribution business and the Sundance movie festival. As well, it was an Everett and daddy weekend and as is the tradition, we watched some animated animal movies, so I talk about those too. Scott does what he does best, reviewing a shitty movie from the past. As always, if you love the show then please pass on the word.

The Movie Breakdown Outline:

0:00 - 3:46 Intro (Christopher's wife left him, Scott name drops Wicker Man, movies on Netflix)
3:46 - 14:29 The Three Musketeers review (2011) (Scott Only), our own version of a Musketeer movie with cast picks, problems with cinematic universe in classic works
14:30 - 25:02 Christopher's weekend with Everett, Everett's excitement of watching a movie and eating pizza, Christopher avoiding seeing a lousy low-budget animal animated movies, quick Curious George and Rio 2 reviews, Scott tries to get Christopher to see Killing Season, Everett playing with Pizza Guy, Everett running from imaginary bad guys, Everett passes on Secret of NIMH, Changing accents of Killing Season
25:03 - 29:59 The Trip review (Scott only)
30:00 - 43:59 Amazon getting into movie distribution, how streaming will shake up movies, rise of mid-budget adult dramas, Southpaw movie, Scott rants about Son of Anarchy, differences among American and British TV models
44:00 - 50:02 Sherlock series review (Scott only), Problems with Series Premieres, Empire series review (Christopher only), Man Seeking Woman series review (Christopher only), 12 Monkeys series review (Christopher only)  
50:03 - 51:45 Are mid-budget wide release movies really on the rise? Guessing what movies will go wide
51:46 - 56:25 Analyzing PGA award winners, Looking at Oscar favourites and past history of shifting momentum, The Lego Movie and Life Itself get their due
56:26 - 1:05:50 Looking at remakes, Strangers on the Train, The Blob, The Escape from New York, plot guessing about Stranger on the Train, Movie announcements don't always mean a movie will be released
1:05:51 - 1:12:59 Johnny Depp and Chris Hemsworth bomb in box office, Hemsworth not able to shake Thor, tedium of Johnny Depp's roles
1:13:00 - 1:18:14 Looking at interesting Sundance pictures, Tye Sheridan makes stars to watch list
1:18:15 - Closing