The Movie Breakdown Podcast Ep. 82: Talking Movies Can Be a Hard Time

This week Scott and I review the latest raunchy comedy in the Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart team up, Get Hard. After that we have a slew of new trailers to discuss including Spectre and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. We also give our thoughts on the announcement Transformers will be entering the cinematic universe fad.

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Breakdown Outline:

0:00 - 5:05 (The benefits of not having facial hair)
5:05 - 21:40 Get Hard review (discussing the Will Ferrell character, is it offensive?)
21:41 - 32:39 Spectre trailer and history of Bond and how recent movies have hidden goofiness
32:40 - 35:38 Discussing anticipation of Mad Max: Fury Road
35:39 - 40:29 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation trailer (problem with great opening sequences, quick Terminator: Genysis trailer thoughts)
40:30 - 51:04 Southpaw trailer
51:05 - 52:53 Dope trailer
52:54 - 55:58 Entourage trailer
55:59 - 59:19 Maggie trailer
59:20 - 1:13:03 Do franchises kill an actor's career? (predicting next big stars)
1:13:04 - 1:22:12 The different authors with different views on movies based on source material (Veronica Roth okay with Insurgent movie being drastically different, E.L. James micromanages every detail and scares off director, Gillian Flynn becoming hot thriller writer in Hollywood)
1:22:13 - 1:27:50 Franchise insanity continues (Transformers cinematic universe, Way too many Lego movies)
1:27:51 - Closing (I really had to pee)