Flying Birds and Monster Crocs Aren't Enough in the 'Pan' Trailer to Make Me Forgot I Don't Like Prequels

The CGI looks terrific and Neverland is brimming with imagination and colour. There is a zillion points towards a blockbuster that has a large portion of the scenes done during the day and allows the images to be vibrant with all the colours of the rainbow rather than resort to bleak greys and metallic yellows that dominate many movies now. But this is still a prequel and if J.M. Barrie was the least bit interested in how Peter Pan came to be then he'd have written that. I still have rather grim memories of the last prequel set in an imaginative candy coated world where the protagonist was a chosen one and one of his main allies turned into the villain we all know and jeer. Oz the Great and Powerful was a pretty crushing disappointment for most who saw it.