The Movie Breakdown Episode 106 Podcast: Remembering Legendary Director Wes Craven and Introducing New Competition

On Sunday, the legendary filmmaker Wes Craven passed away, but he'll always be a director that had a major impact on both Scott and I. We take time to celebrate his film canon and talk about how he successfully shaped the horror genre with three separate pictures (a rather incredible feat). As well, we review the 2013 'cat and mouse' chase thriller, Black Rock, we introduce a new competition between me and Scott, and discuss the controversy of the new Concussion trailer.

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The Movie Breakdown Outline:
00:00 - 01:37 Intro
01:38 - 11:47 Crazy week and Christopher's camping weekend adventure
11:48 - 33:00 Wes Craven tribute
33:01 - 50:28 Black Rock review
50:29 - 55:17 Sad We Are Your Friends got critically trashed and didn't reach potential
56:18 - 1:27:35 Critical Darling competition and drafting movie picks
1:27:36 - 1:31:08 Concussion trailer
1:31:09 - Closing

Movie Star Rating:
Black Rock **½ (CS) & *** (SM)

Critical Darling Draft Pick:


1. Carol
2. Brooklyn
3. Macbeth
4. 99 Homes
5. Joy
6. Good Dinosaur 
7. Suffragette
8. Hateful Eight
9. Room
10. Sicario


1. The Revenant
2. The Danish Girl
3. Spotlight
4. I Saw the Light
5. Crimson Peak
6. Steve Jobs
7. Youth
8. Truth
9. Our Brand is Crisis
10. Star Wars VII: Force Awakens

Critical Darling Rules:

1. 10 points for a movie that hits above 75%
2. Additional 5 points for movie that gets above 90%
3. Negative 5 points for movie that get below 40%
4. Additional negative 5 point for a movie below 25%
5. The percentage become official when it hits 50 reviews after its initial theatrical release date by time of that weekend's podcast
6. "Fool's Gamble" clause where competitor can call out the other's pick as foolish
       a) If pick doesn't make 75% then the caller gets 10 points
       b) If pick falls under deduction levels then the caller gets those deducted points
       c) If the pick does earn points then the picker gets additional 10 points
7. Potential reward for winner of contest to be determined later