Battling for a Voice

It's been a taped fist, first blood, last man standing battle trying to write concise and quick pieces to nail my goal of getting several up a day on this site. Most one-writer movie blog sites that actually provide the owner with a living deliver between 5 to 10 pieces a day with word counts varying from hundred to over two thousand word posts. These profitable sites also all have the distinction of launching in 2004 or earlier, which means they stuck their sword in the land before the sea of armies kicked up the storm of war for everyone's attention. The best victory that I can declare over the next few years and most likely forever is the notorious "brand-building" and platform to promote various projects nearing existence. The rising sun ushers in my daily contemplation on if I try to scour for news bits to analyze or try to do longer personal pieces that may not be daily but could offer more substance. I'm sold on the content popping out throughout the day, but each one needs to have some value or insight or honesty to justify their existence, which can be a throwdown at a measly few hundred words. It is all the harder when I can only devote a minimum of time to the site since the bills are paid by other work and my life I'm told is even more than just fingers dancing on the keyboard. I sense the growing pains to continue as I slice away for a voice and personality for this place.