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'Miles Ahead' Trailer Promises Another Up and Down Life Story of a Genius

I'm a huge fan of Don Cheadle and he is the type of talent that immediately elevates a picture. I am excited to see his feature-length directorial debut and I understand Miles Ahead is a passion project for him, but I've hit some major biopic fatigue. It seems to be the only genre a major studios will allow when trying to cater to an adult audience. This seems to be the usual major genius changes the world while his home life is a wreck and we go on a bumpy ride of his life until seeking some form of redemption plot. This isn't to say that Miles Davis isn't worthy of a biopic, because he is, but the genre really needs some fresh blood and new directions. Maybe this will be it and maybe Cheadle will be able to allow the music to capture and intoxicate and really immerse us into the artist's life. Cheadle does looks fantastic here and his performance alone will make the two hours plus an engaging experience.