Still Determined to Win the Race

So, much for that fresh start. But I am still here and I have words to unpack. Actually, I'm hoping there is going to be a drastic increase in content over the next month. It was almost three years ago that I saw a golden treasure chest that when I came in closer turned out to be yellow spray painted shoe box. With stained hands all I had to show for my hunting. I shied away from exploration. I still had a trusty race horse that I was sure would give me that fame; he wasn't championship caliber but he was what I had, so I raced him constantly ignoring all other opportunities. Then I suddenly realized I didn't have a horse at all but an overweight gasping three legged mule that did a somersault on my leg and never got up. I was rattled without my steed and hopping along on the journey on one leg without any idea how to get to a golden destination. But I found a bike that lacked some shine but I thought would be reliable for years and years. I have always believed you can't rely on one way on the freelance journey and the blown out tire and mangled frame proved I should have followed it. But this time I'm not going to be shaken or depressed or lost wandering in the woods. This is my wake up call.