'It Comes at Night' Trailer Makes Me Happy That Daylight Lasts Longer in the Summer

During the summer movie season, there is always two or three horror movies that hit wide release as a way to be some counter programming genre fare to the big budget spectacles. Last summer was a great one for horror with terrific movies like Conjuring 2, The Shallows, Lights Out and Don't Breathe. This year has horror pictures on the schedule but the marketing has largely been quiet until recently where last week we got the latest shark vs, woman flick in 47 Meters Down and now smaller studio A24 (The Witch, Room, Ex Machina, Moonlight) dropped their trailer for It Comes at Night.

It starts out as a hiding out in the woods as the apocalypse comes upon the world type movie. Then it goes 10 Cloverfield Lane when it becomes clear that the "nice" family providing shelter may be even worse monsters (literally in this case). This trailer looks really disturbing and Joel Edgerton proved in The Gift he can do creepy. It kind of reminds me of The Witch with its use of music to raise tension and dark imagery to move the story. Also like that great movie, it feel like it is going to be a slow and unsettling build that plays with the mind and senses. We've had some really great claustrophobic, slow-building the host has gone bad movies in the past year including The Invitation and Get Out (kind of Split except being kidnapped makes it hard to believe the host was ever good). The transformation from safety to catastrophe is probably some of the most chilling storytelling that can unravel and why it is always effective in the hands a great filmmaker.

This is only director Trey Edward Shults second feature, but his 2016 Krisha stands at 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. He seems to already reach the status of genre filmmaker to follow. This is an excellent trailer that reveals just enough to intrigue but give you the impression it gets much worse for the poor family. It is currently set for wide release on June 9th and while A24 wide releases tend to be on the smaller side, the only other big release that weekend is The Mummy, so there is hope this gets a solid distribution.