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Patreon, Anyone? AKA Do You Want More Podcasts, Reviews, Fiction and Columns?

I have been humbled and touched by how much the blog and the Breakdown has grown in audience this past month. You all rock, every single one of you. Even the guys who always have to tell me how much I suck every time I don't give a DC Comics movie five billion stars out of four. I really would like to take advantage of the bigger audience and start providing even more content. The reality is that more content takes a lot more time, and as it stands, I don't make any direct money on this blog or the podcast (it does land me work).

I mentioned on this morning's show that I am contemplating starting Patreon for the podcast and blog. For those that don't know what it is, essentially it is a service that allows an artist and creator receive a monthly donation with the amount decide by the donator. Usually the artist or writer or filmmaker have a target amount of money they hope to raise each month and explain what they can do if they reach that goal.

If there are enough people interested in doing this, then there are a few things that I have planned and would be able to afford to devote time into doing. The Breakdown would have a second weekly show that will be a movie news discussion show and sometimes have an extra movie review for those weeks where the main show is overstuffed. The goal would be for this show to clock in closer to 40 minutes opposed to the 90 minute plus main show. This would be posted every Thursday.

I'd also like to do an occasional "Breaking News" podcast where we'd discuss really hot events like the latest Star Wars trailer or a hot events that I know we would have an opinion about.This would probably be around a 20 minute show but not have any set schedule since some weeks can be pretty slow.

On top of that, if we were able to raise money in the two to three thousand range (yes, I know very ambitious), I would promise to review every single movie that gets release in Brantford. This would mean often there would be two more reviews than usual. This would also guarantee both a podcast and written review of every movie.

I would also be able to devote time to doing the serialized fiction story (which I want to do anyway, but having some extra money frees up time by not needing to pursue as many clients). I would set up several weekly focused columns, such as retro review, deeper inspections into major trends in movie history, a humorous observations of current events, a parenting column with personal anecdotes, this week in wrestling history, retro TV series reviews, more thoughts on major news events and other various opinion pieces. If this looks like a thing people are willing to support then I'll come up with some firmer weekly pieces that I'd write. This will also free up some time for me to work on some novels and movie critique books that I want to write but time keeps disappearing.

Just either leave a comment or fire me an email if you have any interest in potentially donating. If I get enough people with the thumbs up then I will create a detailed description of the things we will do with the money raised. I really am excited on going to the next stage of this journey with you.