No 'Atomic Blonde'

In a few upcoming podcasts, I will mention my hope that an Atomic Blonde review is posted up on the blog. I knew going into the next few weeks it would be a boy armed with soggy noodle battling a fully armoured giant like feat to not only get a review written but even see a theatrical movie. I had the opportunity in my grasp, but then I stared at it to discover it was a movie theatre that only played their pictures in French. While I do not think Atomic Blonde will be the most dialogue intensive movie this summer, I am thinking there may be a point as a reviewer where I will want to know why Charlize Theron is kicking that husky guy out a window. Now my chances of seeing a theatrical movie rely on the frequency of special screenings presented by owl and bears. Atomic Blonde may turn out to be a no-go unless it stays strong and is still in theatres in a few weeks. Also my output on here will be even rarer in the coming week, but there will be The Breakdown of the Box Office Flops on Monday and hope by next weekend to be able to find some time to get a few things up. Hope your end of July has been behaving and not pushing over your garbage can again.