Don't See 'Daddy's Home 2' or Its Stinger

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I do not want you to go see Daddy's Home Two. As you know since you all listen to The Movie Breakdown podcast, it is one of those comedies that decides to not be funny and the inclusion of ass-smacking Mel Gibson sours any attempt at family Christmas movie. If you need to scratch that movie theatre itch, you will find a much funnier and better movie about family issues in Thor: Ragnarok. Despite that I am begging you to not see it, I have my anal retentive thing on the podcast where I need to tell you if it is worth seeing in 3D and if there is a stinger. If Daddy's Home Two was available in 3D, I can safely say you can once again get your third dimension hunger stuffed with Thor: Ragnarok. As for the stinger, yes there is one. Is it worth staying for? Well, anything after the opening credits is not worth sticking around to see. It is John Lithgow playing the sincere but goofy grandpa, which means it is grin-worthy, which is not something I can say about the rest of the movie.