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Some Movie Review Plans for 2018

2018 is almost here, and one of my goals for the new year is to really kick up the exposure for The Movie Breakdown and rock out enough reviews so that I can apply for the Online Film Critics Society. Obviously, I intend to review a large selection of new theatrical releases over the coming year, but I also have a few retro or revisit reviews that I want to do, Way back in the spring, I declared my goal of reviewing all 150 of the Canadian films that were listed by Reel Canada. That is something that I plan to start digging into in 2018 and I already have access to quite a few of them.

You may know that next year Marvel Studios has their gigantic event movie that they have been building towards for years in Avengers: Infinity War. For preparation for what is going to be one of the biggest movies of the year and is the movie event of the summer, I aim to review all 18 previous movies in the Marvel Cinematic Extended Universe (Black Panther comes out in February) before the big release.

Speaking of a massive franchise, I plan to revisit all the Star Wars movie and review them in order of release. This one won't have as much as a time crunch, because I don't think the nine movies will really have any direct story connection to the upcoming, Solo: A Star Wars Story. I've mentioned in the past that the Star Wars franchise and especially the original movie, is what caused me to fall in love with movies, as well as be interested in writing fiction, and to especially, want to review movies. I think, it is time to dig deep and write some in-depth reviews of some of the most important mainstream movies. It is a franchise that has some of the most passionate fans, and it will be fun to analyze what has caused it to be such an enduring phenomenon.

Another movie coming out next year that isn't as big as Star Wars or Avengers, but is still very popular in Insidious: The Last Key. It is one of the major and influential horror movies of the past decade. I really enjoyed the third one, and I am interested in revisiting the original. I did not recommend the movie the first time I reviewed it for The Movie Breakdown, but I am open to being proven wrong. At the time, I was pretty anti-Blumhouse and modern mainstream horror, and I think I may have had a bias that affected it. I want to give it a second chance to win me over, and also watch its sequel for the first time before reviewing Insidious: The Last Key on January 5th.

So, those are some of the early plans for reviewing movies in 2018, and I am excited for it to be the best year ever for movie reviews and The Movie Breakdown podcast.