The Breakdown of the State of Woman in Movies 2

Three years ago we did a Breakdown of the State of Women in Movies where we felt there was a shift in roles for women and they were going to start getting bigger opportunities. It is now three years later, to be honest things didn't really improve the way that we hoped and in some way it got worse. But 2017 had some very significant events, such as the huge success of Wonder Woman and Beauty and the Beast and director Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird becoming the best reviews movie ever on Rotten Tomatoes. There was also some real bad stuff like the revelation that several directors and key Hollywood figures have been involved in serious sexual harassment and assaults, but even that could lead to good as Hollywood tries to clean up and become a safe place for women. There is a lot to talk about regarding women in the movies, so we do exactly that in The Breakdown of the State of Women in Movie Part 2. We really hope you enjoy the show, and if you do, please pass the word to other movie lovers.

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