The Hiatus You Won't Even Notice

The blog is going to be taking a hiatus for the rest of the week.

I know what question just popped in your head, 'How is that different than every other week?' Sadly, it isn't.

Every few weeks, I apologize for the lack of articles on here and promise a busier place right around the corner. Then the corner turns out to be a circle and we just keep looping around in the same place. This has been a horrible year (or two) for those that like to read my stuff. Depression and anxiety have been ruling the emotional land, and after spending the day looking after my kids and doing other paid writing work, there isn't much left in me to provide the type of pieces that I want on here.

But I am waving my hands and declaring it is going to get better.

Just not until next week.

The sad reality is you won't notice a different of me being away from my computer this week compared to all the weeks that I am available to post pieces. This has essentially become the site where I post The Movie Breakdown once a week.

But I want it to be much better than that. I want to have at least daily content. I want to start moving forward in slowly rebranding the site. Make it a pop culture and movie review site with the spin of being a highly invested father. Looking at news and movies with some strong personal and honest touches influenced by being a dad. If people care, offer up some occasional looks at my personal life and how that impacts my views on movies.

I really want this site to grow. I would love a much bigger audience both for the site and the podcast. My goal is to really focus on seeing if I have enough talent to build a real audience and following. If I do, then the intention is to look into either Patreon or some major sponsors. If there is a chance at making some of my living from this, then I obviously can provide even better articles and more content (because it will cut down me needing to write sales copy and brochures).

The reality is that I am months and maybe even years away from that being viable at this point. Right now, I just need to focus on writing quality stuff on here every single day. If my stuff is worth your time, then I trust an audience will make its way here. I hope.

But first, I am going to be on a hiatus until the start of next week. I will use this time to come up with some ideas and recharge the batteries. See you then and look forward to this site becoming a much more exciting place.