Now, For a Proud Dad Moment: My Kids Bringing Beauty Through Cello

I have a lot of reasons to be proud of my kids. The two biggest ones for me are when they do sudden acts of kindness and when they embrace the arts. Kindness is huge, but one of the things that feeds the soul and I think makes us better people is the arts. The arts, be it paintings or music or creative writing or movies, are the heart and soul of a society and culture. It is a major part of what defines us as people, and says so much about who we are. Delving into creativity to craft something beautiful is a huge part in uplifting our spirits and nourishing our souls. I feel the act of creating beauty compels us to be kinder or better people.

The arts are important. I am so overjoyed that both my kids are creative and love exploring the different art forms. Danika is always creating crafts at home from painting to necklaces to creations with clay to things even more ambitious. Plus, she is the reason I argue against musicals being unrealistic because she often breaks into song and dance. 

Both my kids have entered into musical theatres classes, and seem to absolutely love performing on the stage. So much so, that Everett will be trying out for an upcoming production of Oliver! I have shared on here before how much I love that Everett has joined me in writing a novel for the month of November for the past three years.

What I don't think that I have ever mentioned on here is that both my kids started taking cello lessons in September. While they did do a concert as a group during Christmas, this week they participated in individual competition at the Brant Music Festival.

I am just proud that they put in the effort with practice and showed the bravery to perform in front of an audience. On top of that that, they did amazing.

While I am biased, I feel that I can also provide some proof.

The arts matter and I am glad my kids are all in on them.