Baby Steps

I'm ambitious.


My hope is when 2025 rolls around that I'll have a Patreon or Substack, a weekly serialized story, weekly YouTube videos, a novel that is ready to be sold, fiction that has been or will be published, a site that has grown through daily articles and reviews, a podcast with a larger listenership, significant growth in clients, and many other specific projects on this site and beyond.

I've detailed in the past the type of creations I hope to have on this site including weekly new release reviews, reviews for every MCU and animated Disney theatrical release, many classic movie deep-dives, and various other pieces highlighting movie history. I also would like to review novels, video games, wrestling, and TV. 

I could keep on going.

Then I burn myself out and realize it is hard to succeed when grappling with energy-draining mental health and self-doubt.

I want to get to these things.

For now, it must be baby steps.

In July, I will review Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. I will start reviewing new theatrical releases again. I will bring back the media diary to cover things that I don't have time to review. There will be weekly The Movie Breakdown podcasts. There will be more substantial posts than what you got in June, and hopefully closer to a daily basis.

Everything else? No idea. I'll start here and start building towards my bigger goals.

I need to take it slow to avoid burnout and actually ensure I succeed this time.

Thank you for the support, and if you want to contribute to this being a big part of my career then I am eternally grateful.