Hey Look At Me!!!!

It was only a matter of time. My desire to have all attention stowed upon me. My desire to rant and rave even when no one is listening. I knew eventually I'd tire of entertaining my stuffed bear and Rock action figure. I am now branching out in an attempt to find more people to pay attention to me. I'm not sure if I actually have anything important or interesting to say but I do know I crave the attention. For now, I'll just type whatever fun thought pops into my head and at some point, something thrilling will arrive from it. I'm hoping for the whole thousand monkies at a thousand typewriters philosophy. If I rant long enough then I'm bound for gold. Right? Hello? Where you going? Aw man. Don't leave. I'm lonely.


  1. Anonymous2:03 pm

    uhm....well....uh...yeah...chris...he loves this wrestler named horshue...and is fully convinced that the berserker wore fuzzy white boots and the warlord has this huge "W" shaved in the back of his head...what a nutcase...now, if you want to talk to someone really cool...ask him about good ol'big tim..that's where it's at!

  2. Anonymous11:21 pm

    ThIs BlOg KiCkS sOcK!! I'm LuCkY tO kNoW tHiS cRaZy FeLlOw, CaMp Is HiS tHiNg AnD hE dOeS iT wElL, tHoUgH i WoUlDn'T aSk HiM aBoUt MoUnTaIn BiKeInG a FeW yEaRs BaCk ThOuGh He MaY nOt ReMeMbEr To MuTcH aBoUt It AnYwAy. ThOsE aRe SoMe GOoD tImEs WiTh ThE rAnTiNg ChRiS sPiCeR, pEaCe OuT aNd DoNt FoRgEt To ViSiT!



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