The Truth Of Nice Guys. . .

In the grand spectrum of the dating world, I would be considered a 'nice guy'. Or at least, that is what a girl told me right before I was informed she won't be able to make it on our date tonight or any other one after that. Nice guys are that breed of male that girls always wonder why they can't find any. Then the girls find nice guys and realize they'd rather dump the darlings then date them. You may be thinking that I'm about to compose a manifesto that proclaims all nice guys never get their due but instead are the unfair punching bags of mean girls. If that is what you're expecting than you are about to get disappionted. Sorry nice guy, this is no reaffirmataion for you.

Nice guys are highly overrated. A girl should never date a guy just because he happens to be nice. I've heard many times throughout my travels (mostly to the fridge for more ice cream)that a girl should give some poor sap a chance because he is so nice. Or that the girl should have never ended that relationship because the guy was such a sweetheart. When was the law passed that a girl should date a guy soley because he likes her and is nice (I'll admit such a law would have saved me from playing Uno with my mom every Friday during high school)? As for the people always getting on the girl's case for breaking the nice guys heart, why don't they pick up these great catches (why can't gummie worms be good bait for fish)?

Why doesn't the rule of 'date him because he's nice and deserves it' apply with friendships? I know a lot of nice people but I'm not going to just become their best friend. Some nice people just happen to have nothing in common with me. I've been in rooms with nice people where we basically stare at each other and drool. Drooling isn't a stupendous way to spend a Saturday night (it's more of a Tuesday thing) Some nice people just happen to be dull or silly or smelly (it's true, some nice people don't shower). The point is though, every nice person will hopefully find love and happiness, they just may not deserve it with their current crush . Just because a girl has decided that they no longer want to date said nice guy, they haven't become a She-Devil (though if she starts to grow horns you've got an argument). They are allowed to dump the man.

Now, I'm not encouraging all girls to run out and date tattooed bikers who bite heads off kittens. I'd probably suggest staying away from kitten eater. I honestly despise how a lot of guys treat girls (thus the reason I fall under the nice guy banner). I really want all girls to find a guy who treats them right. I hope girls can find a guy who is nice and sweet to them. I'm just saying that just because a guy is kind, sweet and nice doesn't make him a catch. Girls do need to be attracted to him in whatever way it takes a girl to be attracted to mister man. He needs to have the looks or personality or hobbies or kicking movie collection it takes for the girl to be happy with him.

Coming from a 'nice guy', girls have every right to overlook us. They have every right to dump us and watch us melt into a mass of gelatine before their eyes. If it feels right, guys can cry themselves to sleep while listening to Celine Dione but they also need to realize no crime was commited (well. . . the dumping wasn't a crime but a male actually listening to. . . ahem). The girl was allowed to dump him flat on his bony butt (not that I was checking the guys butt out).

Now, nice girls don't really get the sympathy party from me either but it's basically the same song and dance so just reread the post but switch the genders around.


  1. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Good points there brother. Although I would have to pose the question. What is the point of a "relationship?" Is it a status thing? A security issue? Or is it to find out if that 'nice guy' (or girl) is the right person for you to spend the rest of you life with? I think sometimes we are shooting ourselves in the foot on this whole issue of broken hearts, and heart breakers. Just a thought.

  2. On another "nice guy" rant AGAIN?? Come on..that subject is Yes, you are a nice guy. I wouldn't date you soley because you are a nice guy...although...i have thought about dating you...anyways. The point is, well...there's no point, nice rant, and i agree--w/ most of it.

  3. Anonymous10:15 am

    would it be safe to say that you're trying to convince yourself that the only crime committed was the celine dione aspect of everything? or are you amazingly objective?
    whatever the case may be--you did a bang up job!


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