Bring On The Funk

This weekend I learned some very valuable lessons. Lessons that could be considered life changing. I learned the importance of funk. I discovered that there really is a Man trying to hold down the black people. I now know that Dennis Rodman, Steve Urkel and Mr. T are creations of the Man in an attempt to make Black Culture unhip. The most important lesson was to make sure I stay 'Solid'. I owe all this new knowledge to the very educational film, Undercover Brother. Without this film, I may not have found my funk. Without the funk, I might actually start eating mayo. . . cringe.

So maybe, I'm going a little overboard here. The film may not be completely life changing or enlightening. If you have two hours to turn off your brain for some mindless entertainment, than Undercover Brother is the ticket. I definitely found it a very funny movie and one that you continue to laugh at the jokes well after you watched it. Most importantly, it helped me find my funk.


  1. MAY THE FUNK BE WITH YOU!!! was a funny movie


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