Peter Pan & 50 First Dates. . .

This isn't going to be about the love life of a boy who never wants to grow up. I'm sure some network exec at FOX Broadcasting thinks that would be a great idea for the Fall season. I'm sure it would be a bundle more entertaining than the plethora of reality television garbage that pollutes the tube. Anyway, I'm actually doing a quickie review of these two films because I watched them this weekend. Watching movies has been what I do now since my ribs have now made me a man devoid of physical activity. Not that I'm bitter I missed a 3 day climbing trip that I've been looking forward to for the last few weeks. Ahem. I think I promised movie reviews.

Peter Pan:
I was a highly imaginative kid. I made up imaginary friends. I liked to pretend I was searching for lost gold or traveling to another magical universe. Imagination was something I had buckets of. When watching the new Peter Pan film, I was very much reminded of my childhood. As a kid, I know I would have very much wanted to travel to the Never Never Land shown in this film. I would have wanted to fight alongside Peter Pan against the vile Capt. Hook. I would want to fly through the night sky or play in the secret Lost Boys fort. I would have loved living in a magical land with Mermaids, Indians and Fairies. Those things are exactly what made Peter Pan a magical film. I appreciate a film that gives me fond memories of my childhood or makes me wish for a second I was a boy again. Peter Pan did exactly that.

I honestly do not know how accurately this movie stayed to the orignal story by P.M. Barrie since it's been many years since I've heard it. I am someone who can accept when a film doesn't follow the orignal tale completely and realize that is why they usually use the word 'based'. I have heard that when it comes to films based off books, this particular movie is pretty loyal. Either way, this film does a great job of getting me immersed into the world of a fairy tale. The set in this movie seems exactly like something I would have imagined as a child. The scenery screams out magical. I also found the dilaogue and acting a great way to throw me into the story. The children acted exactly like children. Peter Pan talked and acted exactly like a boy who doesn't want to grow up should. I know these things sound like common sense but often, a film with mainly kid cast tends to try to make the children more grown up. This film embraces the child. In a crazy way, I then got to see the real wisdom within a child. I really found the dialogue to be brilliant in it's childishness.

Peter Pan was a fantastic fantasy. A film that I have every intention of owning on DVD. It reminds me of another great fantasy film known as Legend. The two films are entirely different but both help me find my inner child.

50 First Dates

I like Adam Sandler movies. I will admit that right off the bat. I loved the Wedding Singer as I found it sweet and hilarious. 50 First Dates helped keep my streak of loving Sandler movies alive. 50 First Dates meets the fine line of being a 'chick flick' and a 'guy movie'. The film is very centred on the romance but any time a guy starts to feel silly watching the film, it makes sure to throw in the madatory cheap gags and potty humour. I laughed a few time mainly because I enjoy the silly humnour Sandler and Rob Schneider tend to provide. I also found myself being sucked into the romance. I really enjoy Sandler and Drew Barrymore as a team (thus the reason I love Wedding Singer). I thought this was probably the sweetest and warmest of the Sandler films. The ailment of Barrymore is totally silly and unrealistic but the emotion behind the film is real. You have to be touched as you watch the romance blosom. It was great seeing the loyalty of the Sandler character trying to stand by the women he loves even if she forgets him every time she wakes up.

I'm sure people will laugh at me but I found this film pretty deep for Sandler. The key is that it is deep for Sandler. It is still a fluff film. I enjoyed the question raised of how do you love somebody who doesn't even know you? I don't plan on taking life lessons from Adam Sandler. I do plan on continuing to enjoy the silly films he makes. This film is probably another DVD I'll need to call my own. Of course, I'll except gifts.